Latin Style


Salsa is one of the most popular social dances in the world. It is primarily danced to Latin music with Afro-Cuban rhythms. Salsa dancing has become so universally popular that there are Salsa night clubs, lessons, and dancing in practically every major metropolitan city. Salsa music is characterized by its rolling and multi-layered rhythms.

The dance is characterized by rolling hip motion and body movement, as well as numerous spin and turn patterns.

There are several styles of Salsa, all of which are closely related. The Academy of Social Dance syllabus is based on the most universal style taught at studios and danced in night clubs throughout the world. This style “breaks” on the 1st beat of the musical phrase and is primarily danced in a slot with plenty of rotational movement.

Salsa includes mostly partnered patterns with opportunities for fancy footwork, shines, and even the occasional solo steps.

The Five Latin Dances

The five Latin dances are the Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. With their heritage in Latin American (Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba), Hispanic (Paso Doble) and American (Jive) cultures, they each have their distinguishing traits but coincide in expressiveness, intensity and energy.


Song Selections

A Media Luz

by Stanley Black


by Xavier Cugat

La Cumparsita

by Julio Iglesias

El Choclo

by various

Hernandos Hideaway

by various

Santa Maria

by Gotan Project