December 14th 2019 at

Renaissance Philadelphia Airport

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Dr. Ady Djerassi & Francesco
El Cholo

Dr. Ady Djerassi & Francesco
El Cholo

Dolores Redfearn & Roberto

Sherry Di Menna & Francesco
Between 2 loves

Ajay Chudasama & Chelsea
Because & Inner Light

Gia Danza & Roberto
I wanna be like you

Karrie Borgelt & Kirill
You’re free

Dr. Susan Sordoni & Francesco

Jane Di Cecco & Roberto
I hope you dance

Jamaal Hay & Chelsea
Everything I can’t have

Elaina Spilove & Francesco

Ivy Solomon & Francesco

Kristen Gardner & Roberto
Coin operated boy

Caren Izzo & Francesco
Haled’s song about love & Glory days

Andrea Tannebaum & Roberto
I get with a little help from my friend & Cuban Pete

Gia Danza & Francesco
I like it like that

Janet Holloway & Roberto
Everybody needs somebody

Nikki Hill & Francesco
When the party’s over and bad guy

Elaina Spilove & Francesco

Anita Mullen & Roberto
Look up

Leah Golub & Francesco
Roses and violets

Jim McGuigan & Chelsea
Color guard & Smock stacks

Dr. Karuna Shekdar & Francesco
Badtameez Dil

Karen Walker & Roberto
Happy together

Dr. Susan Sordoni & Kirill
Love me again

Dr. Adrienne Townsed & Francesco & Roberto

Danza Academy