Important Information: 

Discounts/ Financial Aid
30% off each each additional sibling 
*Financial support is available for families that qualify. Email [email protected] to inquire. ​​
  • All participants pay a $100 registration fee                        
  • Participant understands that by participating in MoveMakers Philly's Premium Memberships, they are committed to a season-long commitment. If a participant opts to cancel during the season, the participant agrees to abide by MoveMakers Philly’s cancellation policy.                       
  • Participants agree to the full term of programming which starts at the first month of membership and lasts until June 15th         
  • The month of June is half off the participants regular monthly membership price                        
  • The participant agrees to abide by MoveMakers Philly 30day Cancellation notice policy, which states that memberships will terminate 30days after cancellation notice. Memberships cannot be canceled with in 30days.                         
  • Late cancellations will be approved only via $85 late cancellation fee, meaning if a participant wants to cancel within 30days, $85 must be paid in order to honor the cancellation.                         
  • No cancellations are permitted after the month of April 2023, all memberships must be completed through to June 15th.
  • Membership payments are non-refundable and non-adjustable                         
  • All membership auto-payments are set for the 1st of each month. Membership payments are non-refundable and non-adjustable. For cancellations, billing will stop after 30 days of the cancellation date. Memberships are set to run through June 15th of the current school year.
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