Be a supporter of the arts! Help a child learn to dance.

Academy Dances for Hope, is a new charity founded by The Academy of Social Dance that is dedicated to offering scholarships and tuition to help children who want to learn how to dance, but lack the resources necessary to participate.

We know that dancing enhances physical development, builds self-confidence and social skills, helps in expressing emotion, encourages independence and stimulates mental processes. Help us in building a charity that will provide children access to an outlet to develop these important social skills that lead to success both at school and beyond.

We are turning to you, the dance community, our friends, and others to help fund our charity so we can in turn give back to the community at large. Join us in our endeavor to combine dance and charity and make something that is genuinely unique.

We are accepting contributions through GoFundMe,

Thank you in advance for your support and generous donations!